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Champions League Final Photographs Official UEFA Memorabilia 2011 - 2021

We have an extensive range of Champions League Final Framed Photographs for sale, starting with the 2011 Final between Barcelona & Manchester United at Wembley.

These include desktop and large panoramic options for wall display, including this desktop montage shown here .

The next in the series is of course the 2012 Champions League Final, when Chelsea beat Bayern in the final in Munich.

In 2013, Bayern appeared at Wembley, beating German rivals Dortmund in the final, uniquely, this picture range includes a ticket display frame, an option which was not available in previous or subsequent years


The 2014 Final, in Lisbon, was the first time a match between two teams from the same city have ever contested a European final, with Real Madrid beating Atletico in a closely fought contest. We have the full range for sale here: 

In 2015, it was Barcelona's turn to win the Champions League, beating Juventus in the final in Berlin: The picture here is of one of the desktop mounted rather than framed prints, to show some of the other options available 

2015 Champions League Final Framed Print Range Barcelona

Next up, the 2016 final, where Real Madrid defeated Atletico again.







For the 2017 final, it was Real Madrid beating Juventus in Cardiff

In 2018, Real Madrid beat Liverpool in Kiev

And then of course in 2019 Liverpool got their hands on the trophy again. 

We have a few separate listings for items from this final - if you search for 2019 or Liverpool you will find them - including this rare piece of net that you can buy.

2019 Champions League Final Net Memorabilia

For 2020 we have the final in Lisbon, between Bayern Munich and Paris Saint-Germain, which sadly of course does not include a ticket display frame this year. Again there are a few listings from this event, including this premium celebration montage print.

For 2021 it was Chelsea's turn again to win the trophy they last won in 2012


This premium celebration print can be found at;

We also sell framed photographs from the UEFA finals in the same period - see links on our main website for further details

These really are stunning mementos of achievements that are the pinnacle of club football in Europe. If my team (Portsmouth) ever reach a European final, I'll certainly be ordering one. It might be a long wait in my case :-)