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About Us

ECM Sales Solutions Ltd have been trading since 2010 , primarily on eBay and Amazon

We have sold a wide range of different products, primarily premium quality preframed art prints and photographs, alongside official sporting memorabilia (often also preframed prints) from events such as the London 2012 Olympics, 2011 - 2017 UEFA football finals and the 2015 Rugby World Cup. 

I have a personal passion for sport, and am a keen amateur / semi-professional, (well I have sold a few prints so does that count?!) photographer. I also have an interest in contemporary art, so the items I provide are linked to genuine interests of mine. 

Previously I've been involved in online companies providing products that I wasn't particularly interested in. I've learnt that , for me, in the long run, this simply doesn't work. You need to be excited about your products, delivering excellent service to customers, rather than just chasing the commercial rewards of success. 

I'm always on the lookout for new artists or photographers to represent - and now I (finally!) have a website, am happy to do so here if you think you might be interested then please get in touch. We can also represent you on our eBay and Amazon pages as well. Contact us for furtner information.

I hope you find something of interest on this website - any comments please do let me know!

The best way to make contact is through our website messaging system, or by email at - alternatively you are welcome to give me a call on 07736 553724

Thanks for reading and all the best