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Brexit and International Orders from 14/12/2020


UEFA Framed Print Range

This post is primarily for international customers, primarily, though not exclusively, those living in the EU. 

As things stand, we still have no idea whether there will be a deal or not. Or if there is a deal, what kind of deal it will be. Apart from slogans and leaflets very thin on tangible information, the UK government have given British businesses no proper information on how we are supposed to prepare for Brexit, and what the new trading arrangements will be like. 

I'm not going to get into the politics of the current situation except to say this. If you are in the EU and thinking about buying something from ECM Sales, there are currently no issues about delivering before January 1st. With some of the framed prints taking 10 days to make, and the sports memorabilia taking up to 5 days to make, I will be temporarily closing the business to international orders next week - framed art prints on 14/12 and framed sporting memorabilia on 18/12 unless of course there is a deal which enables me to carry on trading internationally without either a) punitive charges or b) unreasonable / too unpredictable timescales.

I am very sorry about this - but until there is clarity one way or the other, I have little other option - I will not take orders for which there is a strong chance that they cannot be fulfilled properly. 

UK orders should be unaffected - though if you are ordering for Christmas, please bear in mind the manufacturing timescales.  

Kind Regards

Richard Williams

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